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FRFC follows ASD20 weather conditions.

Delayed Start = YES fencing    
School Closed = NO fencing
Early Release = NO fencing
District Activites Canceled = NO fencing



Fencing Gear 
Any item from the Fencing Post catalog may be ordered and invoiced. FRFC members pay the discounted price in red along with substantially discounted shipping charges.
Email for more information or to place an order:


Ordering Club Logo Sports Clothing



USA Fencing


USA Fencing - Membership  


USA Fencing Age Rules For Competitions


To Enter Local Competitions


Names on Jackets
    Bees Knees Embroidery in Monument has the specs as per the USA Fencing rules.   487-2986

Local Fencing News - Colorado Division



Equipment Repair - Armory



Equipment Repair How To 


    This site shows weapon and body cord troubleshooting and repair.

    This site show how to assemble, rewire and maintain an epee.


Equipment to Maintain and Repair Weapons