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Problems in Math?
Time to start Fencing!

Educators are discovering that fencing can enhance mathematical performance.
The analytical and abstract concepts of fencing heighten mathematical skills.
Fencing improves perception of geometric shapes.
Fencers visualize lines in space. Fencing also improves focus.



Long Term Health Benefits For Anyone Participating In Fencing:

Fencing is a great form of cardiovascular exercise. Increased stamina, reduced stress and challenging your mind with the mental discipline the sport requires. Fencing develops flexibility, coordination and muscle strength.

It is also a social activity that can be enjoyed at the recreational or competitive level. This makes fencing a well-rounded form of exercise with benefits that extend to every aspect of a healthy and happy life.

Experts advise regular cardiovascular exercise in order to maintain optimal health and longevity. Fencing is a fun way to accomplish this goal. With all of these benefits it is no surprise that the National Institute of Health has a Fencing Club.  



Fencers will:

Develop a work ethic, no matter how talented they are.

Test their abilities, focus, confidence and concentration under pressure.

Learn to win and lose honorably.

Are provided an outlet for their energy, which helps to keep them focused in class.

Develop the physical habit and tolerance of getting through difficult and sustained challenges.

Develop friendships around a common interest that doesn’t involve a screen.

Learn a really fun lifelong sport.